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xISSN (Web service)

Use this Web service to retrieve a list of International Standard Serial Numbers (ISSNs) associated with a submitted ISSN, based on WorldCat information.

xISSN service subscription information

How to subscribe

  • Obtain a WorldCat affiliate account: If you already have a Worldcat affiliate account, please skip this step. Otherwise, you can create a WorldCat affiliate account by clicking here.
  • Use xISSN service: Put the affiliate ID in xISSN request. Please see the API document for usage instructions.
  • Check your usage status : Login to xID account and follow the "Affiliate ID access status" link to find daily and cumulative usage of your account.
  • If your usage level is higher than the free service (100 requests/day) or you are qualified OCLC members, please login to xID account and put an order.

OCLC cataloguing members

  • xISSN Web Service with cumulative total access 1,000,000 queries, free, higher usage per request
  • xISSN Web Service with daily access 10,000 queries/day, free, higher usage per request